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Just a reminder…

If you want your own Color Intervention Consultation, I can do this really well through the Internet.

Just click on the “Contact Color Intervention” tab at the top of this page.

Send me an email.  I’ve given you some background, so you should have some clues to what you are already.


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Ice – what to wear…

If you are Cool, but deeper and darker than Air then you are Ice.  Think Cool and Bright in your Tones.

This is your guide:

You have an easy time shopping, as you can always fall back on Black and Pure White.  Both as your “go to” Neutrals.  For colors, you need Cool and Bright to reflect light up onto your skin, hair, and eyes.

It’s easy if you just keep thinking “Ice”.  Bright, Clear, Cool.  Icy Tones of any color will work, as well as Bright, Cool, Jewel Tones – as jewels are just another form of “Ice”.

Black is your Neutral.  Stay away from Orange and Brown.

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If you think you’re an Air, then you need to think Cool and Powdery colors.  These will reflect the best light up onto your skin, hair and eye tone.

This is your guide:

Your best “go to” Neutrals are Cool Gray and Cool Navy.  For men, this is the easiest – as the majority of menswear is made in these Tones.

Stay away from Orange.  Be aware that there are a lot of Beiges you can wear very well – but they must be Cool, Green-ish or Blue-ish undertones to that Beige.

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If you’ve figured out that you are an Earth, then you are Warm and Muted.  A deeper TONE than the Fire.

You need Tones that reflect Warm and Deep up onto your skin, hair and eyes.

This is your guide:

Keep thinking Warm Tones (golden undertones), and Muted/Deep, just like the colors of the Earth.  The beautiful deep browns of the mountains and deserts; as well as the beautiful deep greens and rusts of the trees.  Deep Brown is your “go to” Neutral.

Black and pure white is bad for you.  You need the Deep Warmth of the Earth.

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So, you’ve figured out that you are a Fire.  Warm and Bright.

You need these warm and bright colors to reflect the light up onto your face and hair – in order to look your best.  This will blend with your warm and bright skin, hair and eye tone.  Here is your guide:

Note that no matter what the color is…

The TONE is Warm (golden undertones) and Bright (clear, not muted).

Fires that wear these Tones will look healthier, younger, and better all around…

Warm Brown is your Neutral.  For suits, jackets, pants, any Warm Brown is your “go to” Neutral Background.

Never, never, wear black or pure white.  You need warmth to match your Fire.

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So you’ve figured out if you’re a Fire, Ice, Earth or Air.  How is this going to help with your colors, and knowing what clothing to wear.

Well, you can wear almost any color – but the KEY, “the key” is to know what Tone and Intensity you need.  Check out how each Element can wear the same colors – but in very different Tones.

Note how each Element has blue, green, yellow, etc.  Each one even has it’s own neutrals.  Making sense?  Let’s move on to expand this for each Element.

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Cool and Ice Toned?

So, you’ve figured out that you are Cool Toned, but a bit deeper than the Air Tones.

You must be an Ice Tone!  You probably look something like these people:

Ice Examples

Your skin tone is Cool, with Pink or Blue undertones. It can be extremely light to extremely dark.
Hair is naturally Dark Brunette, Black, but can even be Platinum.
Eyes are either Cool Blue, Cool Brown, to Black.

Have you figured yourself out yet?  You’ve got to fit into one of these four categories…

Got it?  Let’s move on to clothing colors!

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