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Tea Staining…

Well, I’ve received overwhelming questions from Earth, Fire, and Air people!

“I’m thrilled to learn my Colors, and it’s working so well; but I already own so many white shirts!  I’m not sure what to do with all of them.  Should I just dump or donate them all”?

A couple of things here…

#1 For whatever reason, the clothing industry creates everything in Black and White (even though not everyone looks good in those colors).  For those of you who are not ICE – you’ve probably gone through years buying these items, and being told that “everyone” looks good in them!

#2 Now, you’ve discovered the true facts about color.  You know that only ICEs actually look their best in pure white!  You aren’t an ICE!  What can you do?

#3 Here’s my solution to salvage some of those white items in your wardrobe.  Tea Staining!  I’ve used this for years in work situations, and I’m giving you the tricks here to make it work for you!

#4 If you are an Earth or a Fire – you absolutely want to Tea Stain all of your whites.  Common Black Tea, Orange Pekoe, and Oolong are the teas that you want.  These will produce nice warm tones, that will make all of your whites blend in with all of your new Earth and Fire toned wardrobes.

#5 For AIRs, use this same system with Gray dye.

How to Tea Stain!

Make sure that your clothes are clean and wet.

Take a large pot, and boil water on the stove.  Add your tea bags, and let steep.  You should use a minimum of 3 tea bags, but can definitely go darker with up to 10 tea bags.  Once this has set for 20 minutes or more – remove the tea bags.

Start a wash in your washing machine.  Hot Water.  As it fills, add the tea from the large pot.  Let it churn, and add your clean wet clothes.  Let it run through a cycle or two – don’t let the rinse cycle start!

Let it sit for about 30 minutes.  Now, run the rinse cycle.

Now, run it through the dryer – or air dry.

You will now have your whites turned into warm Ivory-ish clothing!  Perfect for EARTHs and FIREs.

These will now be a perfect blend for all of your Warm toned clothing.

Important note for EARTHs – you can also use this process to MUTE the colors for any clothing you have that are “too bright” FIRE tones!  Especially for blues, greens, and purples.

For AIRs – you can use this entire process for your whites, and also for any clothing that you might have that are “too bright” ICE tones!  Just use gray dye instead of tea.

Let me know how this secret tip works for you all!


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So, there a lot of you out there asking me about the Color Palettes – and how so many colors seem so bright.

You don’t have to wear an entire outfit of blues, yellows, and pinks!  Those are your accent colors, or “pop” colors.

Get to know the best Neutrals for your own personal Color Palette.

Think about how people who are ICE, naturally get to have Black as their Neutral.  There are many people out there who have 90% or more of their wardrobe as Black/Neutral, then supplement with a few bright colors here and there for tops, shirts, dresses, accessories, etc.

This is the same idea to use for AIRs, EARTHs, and FIREs.  Just substitute the proper Neutrals from your own Color Palette, if you are more of a conservative dresser.  Then if you want a Blue Top – just use the specific Blues on your own AIR, EARTH, FIRE Color Chart.  Same for Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, etc.

Got it?  Make sense?

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