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So check out what a difference it makes, but just changing your clothing color!

Here is Eric – his before and after is literally 10 minutes apart!

This is a perfect example for a lot of Hispanic, Asian, and Southern Europeans!  So many times, you might think that you are “warm” and “golden” because of your skin tone.  But, as you can see from Eric, the warm Earth tones wash him out, and almost make him look “sallow”.

In reality, he is an ICE.  Once we get Eric into a Bright, Cool ICE tone  you can see what a difference it makes in his skin tone!  He looks more tan and healthy.  His skin looks brighter in general.

It’s amazing how he looks paler and slightly “sickly” in the Earth tones, yet with absolutely no difference in hair color, no makeup whatsoever, all in natural lighting from before to after – he suddenly looks more tan and healthy in his proper ICE tone!

Pretty amazing!


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