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So here’s an after college graduate, who is such a great example of how much the correct color shirt can make a huge difference!

Kebba looks okay before…

But here is what is crazy and wonderful about knowing your correct colors and tones:

These pictures are taken in the exact same natural daylight/sunlight, literally about 5 to 10 minutes from the before to after.  The same digital camera is used, and at the exact same setting.

Yet, in the before picture, the colors and tones of his shirt are conflicting with Kebba’s natural coloring.  So the camera can’t get the same light, and the shirt conflicts with his skin tone.  The camera keeps automatically trying to adjust and flash (underflash? or overflash?) to compensate for the difference.

Then, literally 5 to 10 minutes later, in the exact same natural daylight – once he is in the bright, cool, clear ICE-y pink shirt – his skin looks more blended.  His eyes look brighter.  Because Kebba is now in his proper ICE toned shirt, that is blending with his skin, and reflecting the proper tones upon his face – his skin looks better in the picture all around, his eyes look better in the picture all around – heck, Kebba just looks subtly and subconsciously better!

All that we changed was his shirt tone (and yes, we added that black and white tie for some crisp ICE pop)…

This is just such a perfect example that I hear from clients all the time…

“I don’t look good in pictures”.  “My hair or skin always look off in photographs”.

This is a prime perfect example of “why”.  Get yourself into your best colors and tones – and suddenly your pictures and photographs will take on a whole new flattering dimension for you!

Are you “getting it” yet?


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