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Awards Season 2012…

So the Award Season begins again this year with the Golden Globes.

It’s always a good opportunity to look at and learn the Color Tone successes and disasters each year.  This way you have real life examples to compare, contrast, and learn from.  I’m busy with consultations this year, so I’m going to be much slower with these pics and comments – but they will still apply as I get to them throughout the year – so keep checking back for updates and info.

That being said – wow!  It was really, really dismal this Golden Globes regarding ANYONE wearing their best or proper colors.  I’m literally straining to find “good” examples.  As the main point of this blog is about finding the best colors and tones that work for YOU personally – I’m again hugely disappointed at all of the stylists and actors in Hollywood blindly following whatever the color or “trend” of the season is; rather than what actually looks good on them.

I’ll have lots of examples of people where they just were either completely bad or just missed the mark on their colors in a later post.

For now, let’s get to the best ones:

So many more comments to come, but I just wanted to show you the best of the crop of people who were all in bad drab, non-flattering colors…

More later – stay tuned!


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And a blessed 2012 to everyone!

It’s been a wonderful, yet super busy 2011 for us at Color Intervention – but more goodness and Color Intervention transformations to come in the New Year.

There are a lot of things to update, so those of you on the blog – stay tuned!

New advice, new colors, and new info all around.

Keep the updates coming, and we might feature you in 2012.

Love and Blessings – and continue your wonderful paths on your Color Interventions!

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