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Academy Awards 2012

Okay, okay!

I’ve been working a lot these past few weeks; and even though most the the major media outlets get to their “Oscar Fashion Best Dressed” immediately…  Those of you that have been my clients or reading my blog these past few years know that they don’t actually notice or talk about the actual true color/tones for everyone.

This takes me a bit longer to do, as I usually am down on the Red Carpet to see people in person, to compare to how things show up on TV and in pictures.

Some of you know this, but I’m just letting you know that THIS year – I did all my consulting earlier last week.  I did NOT go down the the Red Carpet on Sunday, and only did last minute check ups/consultations by phone.

I actually stayed home with my wife and my 20 Month Old beautiful daughter, and had a nice casual little “at home” party with some neighbors and some Entertainment Industry friends.  I actually ended up doing someone’s hair color during the early arrivals portion of the show/party – so that she looked great when she showed up for the after party!

It was really fun to see, as we were still continuing the party at home – but actually could see her walk into the after party on the news when the show was over.  We all cheered – YAY!

That being said…

Yes, I got soooo many emails requesting – “Where are the Color Intervention Best colors for the Oscars”?

I’m getting to it here – and I promise that I’m finally getting a a break now, so I can get on this.  (While the Golden Globes were a disaster of so many people wearing the wrong colors – the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the NAACP Awards had lots of people in great colors, I will get back to that later in the next few weeks or so on this blog).

Oscars – which I didn’t expect based on the Golden Globes, actually had far more good colors for people than I expected!  SO that’s good for all of you reading this blog, as there are a lot more good examples.

I’ll get to them, and re-edit comments over time, so just please keep checking in – and send emails or comments with questions or if I’m not moving quickly enough here.

That being said…

FIRE Ladies really did well this year at the Academy Awards!

Comments on these will be posted in the next few days…

Several ICE ladies did great as well…

specific comments to be posted here, so keep checking in…

Best EARTHs…

More specific comments on their way…

As we as the usual under represented AIRs!  There were no good ones on the Red Carpet, so I had to go to the After Parties to find two great examples:

Stay tuned!


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