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Ice to Air

Jessica is a very talented Fine Artist – who spent so much time focusing on her artwork subjects, that she could never quite really see “herself”.

She came to me with these statements:

“I just kept dying my hair different colors hoping to find one that suited me, but I’ve never been able to find the right one”.

“You know, when I told my husband I was having a color analysis done, his response was “But you’re an artist. How can you not know what colors look good on you??” And quite honestly, I thought the same thing too, but when I came across your website I realized I had absolutely no clue! Kind of embarrassing to admit. But the evidence is in my closet! At least 90% of my clothes are the wrong color and I realized there was an issue when I noticed I always wore the same few things and never really felt “good” in them. The other items are just sitting in there getting permanent hanger creases in them”.

She was a pretty woman before, but got caught in that rut that so many women do…

Black is flattering on everybody.  Black is a neutral that works on everyone.  Those of you who know my color theories know that is soooo not true.  The dark hair and dark clothing was just too harsh on her, and overwhelming her own natural skin tone and eye tone.

So after working with Jessica and diagnosing her as an AIR – she was able to fully embrace and understand her natural tones and coloring.  The transformation is incredible!  With the right colors and tones, her full potential beauty comes out!

She has transformed from pretty girl next door, to stunning movie star quality!


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This is a great Earth Blue option in the Old Navy Women’s Department called “Tropical Storm”:

The following three Earth Purples are “Lavish Lavender”, “Dark Purple”, and “Plummy Mummy”:

All good Earth options that are rare to find in the current marketplace!

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Earth Alert!

This is a quick time sensitive ALERT for all of my Earth clients out there!

I know, I know – it is so difficult and hard to find true Earth Blues in the current marketplace – but right now at Old Navy there are a couple of Earth Blues!  There are also some Earth Purples!

Check this out:

These are two polos that are available at Old Navy right now that are the best Earth Blues I’ve seen in ages.  They are in the Men’s Department and called “Pollywog” and “Pirate Cove”.  They are so perfect that for any Earth men out there, I would go now and buy two or three to have them for now and the future.

For any Earth women out there, I will put a post later on what is available that is good for women directly – but alas there are not these two Earth blues in the women’s department.  BUT – They are sooooo good and perfect – that for an Earth woman – I highly, highly recommend…

Go to the store, and get a Men’s size (Medium, Large, XL, XXL) whatever fits your chest comfortably.  Get two or three.  THEN, go to a tailor and spend $10 or $15 to get the waist nipped in to a female hourglass shape!  If you need to pay a little extra to get the sleeves slimmed then do that as well.  I don’t think that you are going to find such a perfect Earth Blue basic for a long time, and it will be money well spent.  For an Earth woman, I would even suggest to get these, and have them tailored into a V-Neck Sleeveless Top!

Think outside the box, and you will be so happy that you listened to me!

Please stay tuned for more actual Earth women’s options, but in the meantime – I seriously can’t recommend enough for you to go out and get these – or at least look at them to get your Earth Warm Blue mind wrapped around an actual visual of the colors!

PS The Earth Purple that is good right now is “Purple Heather”:


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