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Emmy Awards 2012

Hey Everyone!

It was a super hot and humid day in Los Angeles today – so everyone was understandably melting on the Red Carpet.  That being said, I have some initial calls on who were bad in their colors and tones and who were good to great!

I will have more in the next few days, but wanted to get these up initially for my blog readers to start off the discussions.  Please remember that I am not commenting at this point on dress cut, fit, or silhouette – only on good or bad color tone for their particular skin, hair, and eye tone.

These are the BAD:


These are the GOOD to GREAT:

Stay tuned – lots more comments and specifics later over the next week.

Have fun learning and educating yourself!



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Earth to Ice

Amore is a beautiful young woman who was thinking she was warm and Earthy.  She had just put henna on her hair and it was too warm for her. For her Color Intervention we took the henna out, then added cool brown highlights to take advantage of her naturally curly hair.  We also gave her a haircut and shape to take advantage of her curly hair, and accentuate her face and features.

This is how you incorporate cool highlights into Ice or Air hair!  Her skin looks bright and clear, and the bright cool pink top just compliments her completely.  Please note that there is absolutely no foundation or any makeup on her skin.  She has some lipgloss, and some eyeshadow – and that is it!  Clean face, wash and go hair – and looking bright and beautiful…

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