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I’ve had so many clients lately, who after their Color Intervention and transforming the colors of their wardrobe, hit a point where they realize…

“I need to get new glasses in my best color and tone – but now, what are the best frames for me”?

If you’ve had your Color Intervention, then you already know the best frame and lens colors and tones for yourself – so let’s talk my easy general guidelines for finding the best frame shape for your specific face.

#1 Easy Peasy way – just get frameless clear glasses.  This will work on anyone, as the frameless glasses will just become essentially “invisible” on your face.  This may be the way for a lot of you.  But there are many of the rest of you, where this is not your style choice – so pay attention here:

You want to find glasses where the TOP FRAME follows your eyebrow EXACTLY.  Got me?  Exactly.

From an artistic design perspective, your eyebrows creates a literal frame for your eyes.  You need to acknowledge this and respect this.

So, a good glass frame for you, COVERS and mimics your own natural eyebrow.  It should literally replace your eyebrow.

There are too many current bad glasses design, that are narrow and flat – so the glasses frame is far too low to replace your eyebrow.  These are bad glasses design, and you don’t want these.

It gives you the effect that you have double eyebrows, or two sets of eyebrows.  Bad design, bad on you, and gives a weird subconscious effect that you don’t want – to everybody looking at you!

No double eyebrows!  Get good frames that follow your natural eyebrow!

Make sense?


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Eye Tone

You want to find a mirror with natural sunlight.  Look closely.

You have Warm Toned Eyes if you see:

Golden or Brown flecks.  Amber Brown, Reddish Brown, Golden Brown.  Green with Gold or Brown.  Blue with Aqua, Turquoise, Green, Gold, or Brown Flecks.  Hazel eyes that include some of these Warm Tones.

You have Cool Toned Eyes if you see:

Black, Dark Brown.  Light or Dark Gray.  Blue eyes with Gray or White Flecks.  Green Eyes with Gray, White or Blue Flecks.  Hazel eyes that include some of these Cool Tones.

Are you seeing a pattern here?  All three categories of your Skin Tone, Hair Tone, and now Eye Tone should fit into all Warm or all Cool.  Do you see it?

If you think you’ve got it great.  We’ve got one more test to confirm it.

If you’re still not quite sure, that’s okay.  Like I said, we’ve got one more test to help you figure this out.

Moving on to test out some clothing…

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