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Earth to Ice

Amore is a beautiful young woman who was thinking she was warm and Earthy.  She had just put henna on her hair and it was too warm for her. For her Color Intervention we took the henna out, then added cool brown highlights to take advantage of her naturally curly hair.  We also gave her a haircut and shape to take advantage of her curly hair, and accentuate her face and features.

This is how you incorporate cool highlights into Ice or Air hair!  Her skin looks bright and clear, and the bright cool pink top just compliments her completely.  Please note that there is absolutely no foundation or any makeup on her skin.  She has some lipgloss, and some eyeshadow – and that is it!  Clean face, wash and go hair – and looking bright and beautiful…


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Ice to Air

Jessica is a very talented Fine Artist – who spent so much time focusing on her artwork subjects, that she could never quite really see “herself”.

She came to me with these statements:

“I just kept dying my hair different colors hoping to find one that suited me, but I’ve never been able to find the right one”.

“You know, when I told my husband I was having a color analysis done, his response was “But you’re an artist. How can you not know what colors look good on you??” And quite honestly, I thought the same thing too, but when I came across your website I realized I had absolutely no clue! Kind of embarrassing to admit. But the evidence is in my closet! At least 90% of my clothes are the wrong color and I realized there was an issue when I noticed I always wore the same few things and never really felt “good” in them. The other items are just sitting in there getting permanent hanger creases in them”.

She was a pretty woman before, but got caught in that rut that so many women do…

Black is flattering on everybody.  Black is a neutral that works on everyone.  Those of you who know my color theories know that is soooo not true.  The dark hair and dark clothing was just too harsh on her, and overwhelming her own natural skin tone and eye tone.

So after working with Jessica and diagnosing her as an AIR – she was able to fully embrace and understand her natural tones and coloring.  The transformation is incredible!  With the right colors and tones, her full potential beauty comes out!

She has transformed from pretty girl next door, to stunning movie star quality!

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Ice to Earth…

Erin was a beautiful woman already, but she dressed mostly in Ice tones.  This didn’t take advantage of the subtle warm Earth tones in her skin, eyes, and hair.

You can see in the After picture that her skin looks more blended, and her hazel eyes “pop” just a little bit more with warm green.  We simply brought out her natural warm auburn hair tone, put her in a warm Earth-y brown sweater and warm muted green top – and voila!

Transformed from “cute girl next door” to “television star” in one afternoon, with just a few subtle color changes!

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The Color Cards are here, and ready for your orders.  To get your Color Card Book shipped to you – please look above and click the “Order your Color Cards” Tab at the top of the page!

Follow the instructions on that page…

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If you are an Ice, then you look something like this:

Your hair tone is something like this:

And your best clothing color tones are these:

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If you are an Air, then you look something like this:

Your hair is in this tone:

And your best clothing color tones are these:

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If you are an Earth, then you look something like this:

Your hair is within these tones:

And the best tones for your clothing is this:

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