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So Close…

Many were so close to perfection here…

Great silhouette, beautiful, yet the tone was just slightly off for them to go from amazing to perfect for their own coloring and tone…


Fire So Close Charlize Theron

Earth So Close Stacy Keibler





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Well it’s a New Year and therefore a new Award Season!

First up is the 2013 Golden Globes.

There is some memo to the stylists out there that Cool and Powdery colors are “in”; so they dressed their clients in that. Once again – not taking their skin tone  into consideration, or if it complimented them to their best.

But there were a few standouts who were in great colors and tones for themselves.

Best FIRE:

Golden Globes Best Fire 2013

Great warm dress tone, makes her skin and hair tone all look great and blended!

Best Fire Runner Ups:

Best Fire RunnerUps

On the left – Don’t “love” the fit on the top, but overall the dress is a beautiful warm tomato color for her skin tone.  The top needs to fit her bewbs better.

On the right – This is a good example of a dark chocolate brown dress that is a good “neutral black” dress for warm Fires.  Fires should just consider this color and tone their “little black dress”.

Best ICE:


Don’t love the clear strap on the shoe, but otherwise all around great ICE dress on great Ice skin tone!

Best Ice Runner Ups:


On the right – Doesn’t matter what age you are – if you are wearing the proper color/tone then it will flatter you all around!

On the left – for her, it’s great!  My only nitpick is that the highlights in the hair are too warm, and should be toned to a more neutral/cool brown.  Otherwise, brava!



The coral/salmon color on her Earth features is perfection.  I also give her kudos for going with a warm Earth lipstick.  My only nitpick here is that I wish she would have had this necklace where the metal backing was a Rose Gold or Gold/Bronze.  Or something in Turquoise!  Either of those would have been stunning.


I know, I know…

Many of you might not “get” my choice here.  But, even though she is not a standard “Hollywood beauty”; she looked great, cute, and classy on the Red Carpet.  This deep warm brown was soooo perfect on her skin tone that I had to include a closeup picture so that you could see how much the lighting reflection made here eyes just POP their natural warm golden brown.  Up close and personal – this was stunning color and tone.

Best AIR:


I know that not everyone out there “get’s” her hair tone.  But it is a perfect soft cool AIR tone, and therefore works on her perfectly in combination with the dress.  Her skin looks great, her eyes look radiant.  This is how bright and glowing an actual Air can look in the right Air tones.

On the other hand, there were a TON of ladies wearing AIR tones that were not Airs, wearing Air tones – and it just washed them all out!  Such a wasted opportunity for all of them who should have been wearing warm FIRE or EARTH tones.  So here I present the Golden Globe 2013 Washed Out Queens:


In another direction, there was a beautiful AIR lady who also would have looked stunning in any of these dresses above – but she want with an ICE black look that was “okay”, but nowhere near what she could have rocked in one of these AIR toned dresses which would have kicked her up a notch from “Okay” to “incredible”.


Then there were ladies who are definitely warm toned, who just overwhelmed or “meh”d themselves in Ice black:


More later, but wanted to get these posted ASAP for y’all!


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Emmy Awards 2012

Hey Everyone!

It was a super hot and humid day in Los Angeles today – so everyone was understandably melting on the Red Carpet.  That being said, I have some initial calls on who were bad in their colors and tones and who were good to great!

I will have more in the next few days, but wanted to get these up initially for my blog readers to start off the discussions.  Please remember that I am not commenting at this point on dress cut, fit, or silhouette – only on good or bad color tone for their particular skin, hair, and eye tone.

These are the BAD:


These are the GOOD to GREAT:

Stay tuned – lots more comments and specifics later over the next week.

Have fun learning and educating yourself!


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Earth to Ice

Amore is a beautiful young woman who was thinking she was warm and Earthy.  She had just put henna on her hair and it was too warm for her. For her Color Intervention we took the henna out, then added cool brown highlights to take advantage of her naturally curly hair.  We also gave her a haircut and shape to take advantage of her curly hair, and accentuate her face and features.

This is how you incorporate cool highlights into Ice or Air hair!  Her skin looks bright and clear, and the bright cool pink top just compliments her completely.  Please note that there is absolutely no foundation or any makeup on her skin.  She has some lipgloss, and some eyeshadow – and that is it!  Clean face, wash and go hair – and looking bright and beautiful…

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It’s going to take me a while to get through all of the best and worst colors and tones for this past awards, but let me put up the Best in each category to begin:

Best Overall and Best Earth:


Best Fire:


Best Air:


Best Ice:


Lots more to come – stay tuned…

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I’ve had several clients over the past year or so, who have a similar refrain when they begin working with me:

“I’ve got to get a tan in order to look good in my wardrobe”, “I need a tan in order to look good in this dress I have for an upcoming event”, or mostly “I need to be tan in order to look good at all”!

Well, the simple fact is that IF you need a tan in order to look good in your clothes – then you are absolutely wearing the wrong color/toned clothes!

If you look washed out or sallow in your current clothing, then you need to learn what colors and tones will make your skin look naturally radiant – no matter how light your skin tone.  The proper clothing tones will make your skin tone shine bright and healthy.

Just look at the beautiful faces of these people, who I know for a fact, do NOT go for tanning!

All look stunning, beautiful and classy with their natural non-tanned skin.  But they are also wearing colors that are complimenting their skin tone, and making it look radiant and healthy.  Is there a coincidence that the majority of these people are along the lines of the more “classy and legitimate” in Hollywood?  I don’t know…

But for comparison, let’s look at some people who are still getting “tan” in Hollywood these days:

Does this tanning phenomena make their skin tone look better?  Do they look healthier or classier?  Compare and contrast the no-tan verses very-tan pictures above and below and you tell me.

And just to hit this home…

Let’s take a closeup look at a young 20-Something who tans verses a mature 60-Something who doesn’t tan in real life un-retouched pictures:

…who is really looking more aesthetically pleasing in the long run here?

Please learn your proper clothing tones – and stop trying to fight the beautiful skin that God gave you.  If you are old enough to read this, then you are old enough to know the seriousness of Skin Cancer.

But, that is not what this blog is about – it’s about looking your best by learning to compliment and reach the fully beautiful potential of your own personal skin tone. Think of the amount of time, money, and effort you’ll save by learning to love, compliment, and accentuate the natural beauty of your own skin – no matter what tone it is…

I’m talking pure aesthetics here.  Your natural skin tone is the best look on you!  Stop trying to change that, and learn to make your natural self your best looking self.

You know how to reach me for a Color Intervention Consultation if you need my help and expertise!  I’m here for you…

PS It drives me even crazier that while North Americans, Northern Europeans, and Australians are baking themselves to a tan; or even worse frying themselves into skin cancer…

Huge populations of people in India, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are desperately trying to lighten their skin!

These are a whole bunch of products and advertisements from those markets.

You’re frying up and damaging your natural pale skin tone – while half a world away all of these people are trying to get skin to look like your natural pale state!  Continents are trying to get skin as pale as your natural tone!

Appreciate it, and stop your tanning!

PPS I have an entire opposite rant on people from that end of the world trying to change their natural skin tone to lighter.  Perhaps at a later post.

PPPS Can everyone just learn what their best colors are, accept their own natural God Given beauty and compliment that?

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Hey Everyone!

Yes, it’s been months since I’ve updated any posts, but I’ve been BUSY!

I have a new beautiful Baby Daughter, and it took a while to figure out all of her coloring, but she has something to say:

So, there you go!

Even at 3 months old, your natural colors and tones speak for themselves!

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